A List of 149 Pre-Seed VC Firms
A List of 149 Pre-Seed VC Firms

A List of 149 Pre-Seed VC Firms

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The names of 149 pre-seed venture capital firms.

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Pre-Seed VC Firm Sample Data

Firm NameFirm WebsiteIndustries Where Firm InvestsPrimary Location
Crypto, Hardware, Consumer, DTC
New York, NY
500 Startups
Social, EdTech, Consumer, FinTech, DTC, SaaS,Healthcare, Enterprise
San Francisco, CA
7 Gate Ventures
SaaS,Healthcare, Hardware, FinTech, Enterprise, Deep Tech, Real Estate, DTC
San Francisco, CA
Active Capital
Hardware, Enterprise, SaaS, Deep Tech, FinTech, MarTech
San Antonio, TX
Afore Capital
Deep Tech,Healthcare, FinTech, Social, SaaS, Consumer, DTC, Enterprise
San Francisco, CA
Alpaca VC
FinTech, SaaS,Healthcare, Real Estate, Marketplace, DTC, Consumer
New York, NY
Consumer, FinTech,Healthcare, SaaS, Real Estate, DTC, Cybersecurity
Los Angeles, CA
AmplifyHer Ventures
Healthcare, Consumer, DTC
New York, NY
Andav Capital
SaaS, AI, Marketplace, FinTech
New York, NY
Arkitekt Ventures
Healthcare, Deep Tech
New York, NY

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